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How to Enjoy Coffee


How to Enjoy Coffee

6 days ago
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i never stopped believing
the dreams just bloom less and less
buried my legs to the knees
but the waves kept freeing me
letting the cheap beer swallow my soul
letting the ocean swallow me whole
woke up on a different shore

my hours are sold
my weeks yield no rest
an anxious heart burns through this chest
wander these rooms and hide in these halls
schools out
why feel like i’m in session again?

summer sun 365 days
now and again the weather breaks
the floods well up and over
you wouldn’t know it in another hour
so strange
it’s all so damn strange
one day i’ll find a place to call home
stop planning my next move and escape
she’ll be with me
we’ll be happy
in our home sweet home

'til then
take me back to beer on the beach
family and safety
but not the bad kind.

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Marilyn Monroe in ‘All About Eve’, 1950.

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you are not what others think you are. you are not what you think you are. you are that which you believe yourself to be.

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Fifa World Cup starts today. Who are you cheering for? 

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